Are you a pusher or...
By Laventriloque
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"Do you think I will die from that height? Is it high enough?" He hears himself ask. He doesn't know why he engaged a conversation with a stranger that's likely to see him die. It's not fair to neither of them. He shouldn't talk, he should just jump, however there's something about the stranger's voice that sooths him and he wants to hear more of it. It's selfish he knows, but Louis always was weak. "Love, I need you to grab my hand for me okay? You could really hurt yourself, it's dangerous to step over the barrier, love. Grab my hand, I'll take you to the other side safely ok?" The stranger doesn't seem to understand how far the other side seems to Louis. " OR Alternate universe where Louis is 16 and Harry is 23. Louis has suffered abuse from his father since he was a child. He needs to escape and Harry is there to show him that death isn't the only way to do so. (And, necessarily, there is some Ziam in there, Zayn is a bruding artist, because how can he not be? and Liam is a PhD student.)


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Are you a...
by Laventriloque