Arranged Homosexual...
By RavenRavenous
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Just your typical love story. Once upon a time, this boy meets a boy... OH! Wait a minute! That's not typical at all! Okay, this is starting to get interesting... So now you have a love between two boys, but what happens when you throw in a third boy and an arranged marriage? This sounds like trouble... When Cole Blakely woke up this morning, he expected to go to school, to do his school work, and then graduate in a month. He was finally going to be free of his father and of the press. And it finally seems everything is starting to go Cole's way. He's passing all of his classes, the press seemed to have backed off a bit, and he even has his first boyfriend! His boyfriend, Zach, is damn near perfect with a great smile, a flirty personality, and a sexy car... But not all was going according to plan... Not when his own very homophobic father discovers Cole's relationship. in order to save face with the press, he basically sells off Cole to a financial backer, in order to keep his own political career going. Suddenly, Cole find's himself engaged to Kain, a pretty boy with a a knack for getting into pretty girls' panties... So why would Kain agree to marry a GUY? Was it for his own father's career, was it for the press and PR? Was it all a stunt to help their fathers pull in the homo-votes? Cole had no idea, but he wants out, and he wants out NOW. He'll have to find a loop-hole, and fast, or he'll have to marry the biggest asshole ever born, and all because his preppy daddy said so. Arranged Homosexuality... BOY MEETS BOY!

Arranged Homosexuality [[THE IDEA]]

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by RavenRavenous