Our Hearts Are Wron...
By QueenMimi96
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Things are rocky between Dean and Parker ever since he nearly cheated on her with Lisa. It's hard for Parker to look at him these days, even if she did take him back. But figuring out their complicated relationship is put on hold when Castiel becomes the new God. But will Sam, Dean, Parker, Bobby, and the newfound help from Crowley be able to stop him? Or will Cas and the Leviathans prevail? What with bickering brothers, shocking life changes, and a rogue angel, it's surprising Parker hasn't gone insane yet. "Love has brought me down like love's been known to do, I try to deny with all my heart that I'm in love with you..." ~ Final Installment of The Hearts Trilogy ~ Copyright 2018 © All Rights Reserved [Dean Winchester / OC] [Supernatural ] [Seasons 7-9] Cover - @lifebytheseashore || Highest Rank - #5 in Vanessa Hudgens and #7 in Jared Padalecki ||

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Our Heart...
by QueenMimi96