Songs Of The Savage...
By SamiCoops
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To be published in paper back and e-book form in late 2020! Deep in the heart of the Manning forest lies Salvation, a town closed off from the rest of the world. Cara Jackson has always kept her head down, terrified of breaking the rules that have been in place since long before she was born. But, as her birthday approaches, a new rule is instated for the first time in years. One that directly involves her. The Savages are the self-proclaimed kings, parading their power over the lesser Humans and murdering anyone who dares to defy. Their influence runs deeper than the blood that soaks the ground. With the body count rising and the reach of the Savages extending, sacrifices will have to be made to ensure survival. Nowhere is safe. No one is off limits. Cara is about to find out just how much one life can cost... **Featured on @mystery and @fright under Hook, Line, Sinker and Gloom and Doom Gothic Tales ☆☆#1 in horror at 19.11.19☆☆ Reviewed by @MajesticIncAwards

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Songs Of...
by SamiCoops