Salvation [Editing]
By SamiCoops
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Don't cause a scene. Don't break the rules. The Savages are near. *** Welcome to Salvation, where evil reigns and the will to survive runs deeper than the blood that soaks the ground around the town statue. The Savages have had control of Salvation for years, using fear and desperation to ensure their rules are followed. Every move you make is watched. Nowhere is safe. No one is off limits. Cara Jackson has always found it easier to keep her head down, never drawing attention to herself. But when a new rule is instated that directly involves her, keeping her head down is no longer an option. The ultimate decision comes at a high price. One that Cara will have to pay. What would you do? Be selfish and survive? Or risk losing everything for a loved one? Sacrifices will be made, a battle will be lost and Salvation will shatter under the weight of one young girl's decision. **Featured on @mystery and @fright under Hook, Line, Sinker and Gloom and Doom Gothic Tales #138 in horror at 30/11/18 #1 in bloodandgore 30/11/18 #464 in thriller at 16/08/19 #6 in horrorfiction at 04/11/19 Reviewed by @MajesticIncAwards

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by SamiCoops