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|| #1 in ROMANCE || || Ariana Jones and Xavier Williams || ▪▪▪ After one month of their arranged marriage, Ariana left signed divorce papers on their bed; which they used to share... maybe in dreams! She didn't let anyone knew when she left. She blocked all the means to get in touch with anyone. After two years whom she has ignored so far is standing there in front of her. Will they happen to clear their doubts and outbursts to shout out their feeling aloud? ▪▪▪ →A beautiful, heartwarming and sexy love story of two people with different hearts but same heartbeat. →The story will introduce humour, emotions, friendship, and overflowing romance between hearts which never cared about each other but now it is intimating and arousing. 《 Equal distribution in their POV's 》 ▪▪▪ ______IMPORTANT NOTE______ ▪Sorry if you are looking for a rude guy who doesn't know the meaning of Love. Because in my story..both the lead characters understand the meaning of Love very well. ▪I am a girl and I request... if you are looking for a lead male who keeps playing with different women all around... then sorry... this story will not taste good on your taste buds. Because I care about the boy side too. And I know boys do care about their love life.... And it's not a shame that you had only one person in your life... They are sensitive too... And that's a story for you. ▪"Also, there are some MATURE chapters as well. Read it on your own risk." ▪▪▪ Arranged to Love You (Getting Back Together) ~CrazyJuliet (@Anonymoussks) ▪▪▪ (Highest Rankings under 50) #01 ~ Romance #01 ~ Destiny #01 ~ Divorce #01 ~ WattPride #02 ~ Hot #02 ~ Love #02 ~ Revenge #03 ~ Kiss #07 ~ Assistant #08 ~ Love-Hate #09 ~ Adult #09 ~ Arrogant #10 ~ Hot #11 ~ Billionaire #13 ~ Possessive #15 ~ Friendship #19 ~ Billionaire #21 ~ ArrangedMarraige #23 ~ CEO #37 ~ Youngadult

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