The Assassin's Daug...
By katershorse
  • Romance
  • assassin
  • enchantress
  • fiction
  • romance
  • tragedy


Serilda learns her father used to be an assassin and wishes to continue that legacy. Her father refuses to train her so she runs away to learn from another. She returns after her training and is accepted by her family and learns of her father's treachery that leads her to leave before she has to destroy them. She returns to her trainer and meets Tai, who is intrigued by her but she pushes him away until he finally leaves. However, when she pushes him away she realizes that it was fear that was making her fight her feelings for him. She is given a mission to hunt a traitor that may be following a witch that is endangering all of mankind. With Tai as her partner they treck to find the traitor but what they meet is not what they were prepared for. What they lose is worse than death. Serilda wanted this life but she had no idea how much it would truly cost her. The life of an assassin is hard but she never knew it would be so lonely. With so much to lose how long will she put it all on the line? How much is too much? Can she protect those she loves before she loses it all?


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The Assas...
by katershorse