Hey There Baby Girl...
By SadLittleWriter
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Once there were two girls who loved each other very much. They were inseparable until something happened to change both their lives forever. Kesandra always hoped that her role model would come back and rescue her from her bleak reality. But Demi's been invisible for a long time... Although Demi's been trying to get back to her little cousin, who's kept her strong for years, Kesandra is completely unaware and is spiralling out of control. She's given up all hope of Demi coming back to her and is shattered beyond repair. Little does she know, all Demi's been dreaming of is saying four words to her little cousin that she hasn't said in a long very long time: 'hey there baby girl'... What strange twist of fate could possibly cause these two very different worlds to collide again? ***** TRIGGER WARNING ***** Trailer: https://youtu.be/7mRswPTTihE Cover: @osnapitzisis


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Hey There...
by SadLittleWriter