Naming The Stars {B...
By Morning_Writer247
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Have you ever imagined that these stars above us are each a person? That they've previously lived a life, then died to display a star and watch over us? 19-year-old Mason Maxwell was one of those believers. He observed each star in his eyesight and analyzed them close, not refraining from anything of significance. But few stars in practical stood out above the rest. These stars appeared out in the same spot each midnight, never avoiding a day. They shined brighter than every other and were double the size. Whenever Mason appeared isolated at night, the stars would be beyond, watching. On a whim, he chose to name them. Little did he recognize the stars would represent a consequential purpose in his life than anything else... So when Mason gets a job at the biggest science company in North America, he's capable of examining more intimately. But when Mason falls asleep at work one day, he's awakened to a brand-new face. Who is this sexy man? And where did he come from? Not even science could explain that answer. ------- "Have you ever wished upon a star?" ~*~*~*~*~ THIS IS A BOY X BOY BOOK! IF YOU HAVE A DILEMMA WITH THAT, PLEASE DON'T READ TO HATE ON IT, THANK YOU!

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Naming Th...
by Morning_Writer247