Treasure Trail (mxm)
By Avylinn
  • Romance
  • antique
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • love
  • may-december
  • mxm
  • mystery


Raven Andrews finds himself with the job of his dreams. He gets to search through an entire manor looking for treasures. The only problem is that the owner wants to sell it all, discard each and every item to the wind, or possibly to the highest bidder. Lord Ashleigh Demalier does not want to be a lord. His inheritance and the title that comes with it couldn't have been bestowed on a less willing subject. History means nothing, the future is everything, and his life in London far away from the old manor in Gloucestershire is far more tempting. But then, old records and letters appear, indicating that something might be hidden inside the estate. Something thought to have been lost for centuries. Ash, as he likes to be called, starts to find Raven's passionate attitude refreshing during the hunt, and perhaps, there's more to history than he first thought.

1. the beginning

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by Avylinn