Lost in Love (Compl...
By Lady_Lemonade_
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Lost in paradise. Lost in hell or maybe just... Lost in Love We hated each other since God knows when! It was a well known fact in our families. My family and theirs have been good friends since they were children and our forefathers ahead of them, thus we cant escape each other and we have to endure each other's presence. He is also my sister's boyfriend and my boyfriend's cousin and I hated the connection. I hated it because I get to see him now and then and I know that the feeling is mutual. He hated me too as much as I hated him and hating each other is the only thing we agreed on. Then by a twist of fate or just one jinx day, we found ourselves stuck to each other. We have to depend on each other, trust each other, endure each other and help each other. How crazy is that?!

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Lost in L...
by Lady_Lemonade_