The Nerd Girl Is a...
By emerita_giselle
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Lil 'Zalea, aka Ellie Azalea has become the the most popular street dancer in New York City. Performing with her dance crew, Boiling Point, but she's their best dancer. They've done flash mobs, dance battles, everything to anything. --------------------------------- Ellie Azalea is your typical nerd, she aces all of her classes, eats lunch in the library, and gets picked on by the Queen Bitches of the school, but Ellie keeps her school life and dance life as far apart as possible. Having the best of both worlds. --------------------------------- Aiden Smith is a tease with a bad boy side. He's failing pretty much all of his classes, and has an ego the size of North America. He's forced by his parents and teachers to get a tutor or else he'll get kicked of the schools football team.....This is how he FORMALLY meets Ellie. --------------- she agrees to tutor him as long as it doesn't clash with her guilty pleasure, street dancing. Aiden soon starts to wonder what this nerds hiding from the rest of the world, what happens if he does find out her secret? Will he keep his mouth shut? Or tell the whole world? ________________________________________

Chapter 1

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The Nerd...
by emerita_giselle