The Mafia Diaries
By BlueeKisses
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Blood is always thicker than water. Rosalia Belvedere escaped a world filled with glittering parties, socialite dinners, and her narcissistic family. One call from her younger sister sent Lia on a plane ride home, with giant sunglasses, and a pounding headache. A renowned playboy, Lucca Donatello has always been seen with a blonde model on his arm, jetting through countries doing the dirty work by his father. One call from Dante himself sent Lucca home to New York, to sign an agreement that would soon be binding and change his life forever. A family merger forces the two family rivalries to simmer, leaving Rosalia and Lucca stuck with eachother and its aftermath- in an attempt at creating the most powerful mafia in the world. DISCLAIMER: I suck at writing intros so please give this a try, a detailed description and a cast list is in the first page.


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The Mafia...
by BlueeKisses