Woven Wings - Expre...
By AnvilGottlieb
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-Longlisted for the Wattys 2018 -A Wattpad Poetry's Reading List Featured Story -A Wattpad Coffee Community's Reading List Featured Story -Highest Ranks: #28 in #Poetry and #36 in #Poem ----✴---- "My words are the sky, My pen is the companion cloud. My poems are my wings, Weaved with the dreams I hold. Preparing to fly in spring, I leap on the back of wind And the sky with me sings." _____________________________ This is a poetry collection by a girl who weaves her wings through her poetry, sitting in utter isolation, dissolved into nostalgia, which defines her throughout---because she knows she'll have to fly away using those very wings, one day. This is my first work containing all the poems I wrote till date---each letter written from ink that's flowing in my veins as blood. These wings are ready, to take you on an enthralling journey, through a teen's mind and heart, to explore the words echoing in her brain every second. This is my confession box, my safe haven, my meraki & I'm blessed to have a place like this, where I can sing to my heart's content, effacing away all tyrannies. My poems, a mere reflection of my own self, and are the echoes of a girl who was born to fly and stay divine. ______________________________ | Longlisted for the Wattys 2018! | Featured- wattpad poetry's reading list | Featured- wattpad coffee community's reading list | winner #1 of Poetry Camp April by ec_poetry | winner #1 of necro awards in poetry category | winner #1 of the big dreams awards poetry. | winner #2 of weekly poetry contests by earnestycommunity | winner #2 of the plum awards 2018 | winner #2 of the -RYID- awards | winner #1 of drowning in awards in poetry category. | winner #3 of rebel wars in poetry category #ProjectStandUp #ProjectWomanUp #ProjectBadassGirls #NoMoreBullying #PRBC #RebelWars Copyright reserved © 2018 Cover by @-lunarss Sign off banner: @sereneur Thank You Card: @Candice_Is_Crazy & @CannibalisticNec

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Woven Win...
by AnvilGottlieb