Bachelor Series #1:...
By peculiarlullaby
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[Bachelor Series Book 1:A Night With A Stranger] "At first glance I was just attracted to you,the second glance I started to like you but then you looked I instantly fell for you" Matteo Imperial A very hot and handsome bachellor, a billionaire and the CEO of the famous Imperial Chains Of Hotels all around the world,but behind those charming looks that could make anyone easily fell for him he is a Ruthless Demon incomes to bussiness a cold merciless bussiness man who'm everyone knows and afraid of. A Cassanova Jerk who promised to himself not to tie the knot EVER,see girls as his toys and only tools who could warm his bed that he could dispose after using them... he hates comitments more than anyone,but in just ONE NIGHT all of those changed. That very beautiful and stunning woman that night in that bar who has those pair of mezmerizing ocean blue eyes easily caught his attention in just one glance. Drunk and Desire then that mind blowing night happened... But the next morning he woke up...and that mysterious woman is gone... a thing that no one dared to do,not with the famous Matteo Imperial and he will find that woman no matter what happen,that woman who stole his heart...In just ONE NIGHT ***A Night With A stranger By:Andrea_Nicute13 WARNING: Mature Content not appropriate to young readers

Bachelor Series #1 : A Night With A Stranger

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by peculiarlullaby