Why Do You CareMort...
By ShadowhunterNovak
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Shitty start, gets better, gimme a shot plz. After Jace cheats on Clary with Kaelie, Clary goes running away to see Simon who helps her get over this. She stays at the Institue after a few weeks away not talking or looking at Jace. Jace kept trying to talk to her but she keeps shutting him out so he stops, until he realises she has a boyfriend. What happens when an evil warlock decides that he is sick of all of the shadowhunters rules and laws? How long will she last with a new boyfriend and an evil warlock determined to take over the New York institute and not let anyone live to tell the tale. All characters belong to Cassandra Clare except I might make up few later on I'm not sure yet..... so if you see an odd name just assume I made them up. A character belongs to Gena Showalter also. Also, Jace and Clary don't get back together, so if you don't like that don't expect that to happen.

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Why Do Yo...
by ShadowhunterNovak