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Danny, Sam, Tucker and Jazz has a secret. No I'm not talking about Danny's secret. I'm talking about one that isn't even unearthed...yet. "Danny, Jazz. Your adopted." Rung through Danny and Jazz's ears."What?!"They both yelled."Who are we then?" Danny asked."Your last names we don't know but we know you are Native Americans and you were born in a town called Forks." Jack said."and the day after Danny's birthday you are leaving to Forks and Danny we have arranged that Sam and Tucker to come with." Maddie said Time skip Jacob was waiting at the airport for his lost brother and his friends."Hey are you Danny and Jazz Fenton?" He asked."Yeah are you Jacob Black?" Jazz asked."In the flesh." He said as he shakes Danny's hand first. His eyes widen for a second but disappeared just as fast. He then shaked Jazz's hand which felt normal. Why is Danny's hands so cold? He wondered. I DON'T OWN TWILIGHT. ALL THE CREDIT FOR THE MOVIES/OR NOVELS SHOULD GO TO STEPHANIE MEYERS AND SUMMIT. I ALSO DONT OWN DANNY PHANTOM. DANNY PHANTOM BELONGS BUTCH HARTMAN AND NICKELODEON. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. I READ TWO OTHER FANFICS SIMILAR TO THIS ONE SO I DECIDED WELL WHY NOT. THIS CAN GET PRETTY DRAMATIC AT ANYTIME AND ANYPLACE!! Enjoy!! -LadyNoir303


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