Forever Mine
By danielichantal
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[COMPLETED] We never know what the universe has in store for us. Neither did Anthony Monta, a 18 year old anti-social teenage boy. Since his dad has gotten a new job offer, Tony, as he was preferred to be called, and the rest of his family were forced to move into a neighbourhood filled with snobs and riches. Since the minute he arrived he's only planted one goal inside his head. To move out as quickly as possible and to live a new life far away from all the superficial people he had to share a road with. As mentioned before - we never know what the universe has in store for us. So when Anthony Monta crossed paths with Clarity Eckermann, not only his life changed but he did too. A story filled with battling emotions, self-realisations, bravery, bittersweet love, abuse and the incredible power of faith - all packed into one book. Hold onto tight, as reading this piece will be nothing but a wild rollercoaster ride. [Completed] [Editing will follow] [Mature]

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Forever M...
by danielichantal