Precious Cargo
By Mhwilkie
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(Warning: Rated R) "Now your turn."He watched as she bit her bottom lip and studied what he had written before. She softly said each letter as she wrote it. As he watched her lips slowly moving, he moved to her neck as though in a trance and gently kissed it. Caroline pressed her eyes from the sensation. Byron gently turned her face to him and feverishly kissed her plump lips and pulled her closer. She placed her hands on both sides of his face as he kissed her. When his mouth went back to her neck, her brow wrinkled at the sensation of his fingertips on the bare flesh that was right above her garters. As they traveled closer to her intimate area, she gasped and stopped his hand, "No Byron! Please!" Caroline Jacobs life has never been simple. Especially when you are the indentured servant of a soon to be duchess. With their sails in the wind, the voyage takes an ugly turn when their ship is attacked by privateers. Was this by chance or was this kidnaping planned? Byron Wright, a ruthless, cold and handsome privateer couldn't refuse the dukes offer of kidnaping his fiancé. The only issue is, that the soon to be duchess and maid switched places. What is he to do with an beautiful young servant while at sea?

Chapter 1

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by Mhwilkie