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By Shiroyuee
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Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are best friends since birth. They can always be seen together no matter where they go. Blossom; the genius bookworm, Bubbles; the beautiful artist and Buttercup; the athletic singer. Each have their own unique traits. Being popular in school and living in a well known family - many would say that they're living in an easy life. Atleast, that's what they thought. When the girls bumped into the Mojo Brothers, their life had turned upside down. - Brick Alexander Mojo. The eldest of the brothers. Cocky and arrogant. But when it comes to his family; especially his brothers, he's brothers, he's very soft and caring over them. His acts of being very snobbish are only to hide his true feelings. He is also a genius. Butch Brice Mojo. The second eldest of the brothers. Hard headed and could easily get pissed off when provoked. Though, he would always protect the people he cares for. He often works out which makes him have a muscular built. Very flirtatious but when he's serious of having a future with someone, he means it. Boomer Christopher Mojo. The youngest of the brothers. Different from his brothers, he is sweet, kind and honest. The most sensitive of the boys who understands a girl's heart. He would often sacrifice anything for his brother's happiness even for the person he loves. - The boys had met the girls after they moved to their school. An eventful incident had happened between the boys and the girls . Soon, the boys developed deep feelings for the girls. But will the girls feel the same way? What happens when Brick finds out that Blossom has a crush on Dexter? Buttercup had been through a pretty rough relationship. Will she trust Butch? What will happen when Bubbles is already in love with her childhood friend? Will there be a happy ending for all of them? - Note: The girls and the boys in this story does not have any powers! Also, the girls in this book are not siblings.


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by Shiroyuee