No Hesitation
By KDF_28
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Serenity Hollowell just wanted to live Serenity but all that is crashed when Francesco Marino comes into her life and rearranges it. Francesco Marino was fighting when he ran into her. She helped him and then tried to throw him out. Usually he could get over a woman anytime but not her. He refused for her to get rid of him in her life. He was going to be in it no matter what. And that was a promise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I don't think you are a play thing at all. I don't think you are a 'thing' period. I think you are perfect to be on my side. What is it going to take for me to have you for myself?"Francesco said pulling her waist closer to his and putting his face in her neck. Just to smell her gain. "A lot. I bet you have plenty of women wrapped around your finger." Serenity pointed to the girls who never left his section. Still waiting on him to come back. "Go play with them Francesco. Fuck with them as long as you can." Francesco turned Serenity's face to his and whispered in her ear. "The next time you disrespect the fact that I want you, ill bend you over and make you mine. No more putting me off Serenity." Francesco said and got a drink from the bar. And walked away. "Whatever." Serenity said.

Chapter 1: Meeting Face

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No Hesita...
by KDF_28