Redemption (Jasper...
By AgentDmitry
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It has been two years since the events of Stranded. You are visited by an old friend that you haven't seen since Jasper dropped you off back at home, Peridot. After learning that Jasper was corrupted when she fused with a corrupted Gem, you begin an adventure spanning across Earth, doing what you can to find a way to cure Jasper. With resolve and tenacity, that is possible. Once Jasper is cured, comes the process of helping her battle her personal demons. With your love for her, you know that you will be successful. You will have to be careful, though; enemies old and new will emerge and do what they can to destroy what you have and what you love. Watch your back. (This is the second part of my x Reader series, continuing two years after Stranded. I would recommend reading Stranded first, since you will need the context so this story makes sense. Here's the link: (Cover by the wonderful Victobious Art! If you need a nice cover, I highly recommend commissioning them! Tumblr: Deviantart:


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by AgentDmitry