The Things I Do {My...
By Kimmie_the_writer
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The second year for the pervious class A-1 had begun before anyone knew it...And UA is tentatively opening another program into its repertoire...The Medical Class. Students who's goal is to be personal doctors to hero's. Much like a trusted family doctor, the end goal is to gain trust and reputation with up and coming hero's to service them in their own way, healing. Enter you. Lucky, lucky, surely blessed you. You, the daughter of a Sights Quirk huntress and a Vitals Quirk Doctor. You, an X-Ray Quirk medical superstar. You...Who faints at the sight of blood...And hates to study...And only got in because of your very successful father....Yeah...Lucky you... Working with Recovery Girl to learn the in and outs of healing hero's, when faces start to become familiar, when you keep seeing the same people, when they start coming by more and more...Maybe it's you who has to pick a hero instead....

Who Gets Hurt On the First Day!?

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The Thing...
by Kimmie_the_writer