Light to my Darkness
By insomniac-weirdo
  • Werewolf
  • abusing
  • alpha
  • luna
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•*AGE RESTRICTED MATERIAL IS INCLUDED*• She's been locked away for as long as she can remember. Asha Maria lives in the basement of a house surrounded by woods with only the company of her wolf, Mika. The three men keeping her there leave her locked up, with only one snack a day as a meal, and beating her when she doesn't listen, sometimes they do it for fun, and sometimes it gets much worse. When a storm comes and the power goes out, she finds an opportunity to escape and takes it. She runs into the forest where her wolf takes control and gets her farther. When she is cornered by a man with a gun, she chooses to jump off the cliff behind her. Lucas Ember believes he has had a good life. He's the son of the soon-to-retire Alpha, which he will then take over. Lucas will lead the Crystal Moon Pack when he comes to the age of twenty. For the past two years, since he turned 17, he has been searching for his mate, but has had no luck. When Lucas decides to go for a walk along the border of the pack's territory, he catches a whiff of a sweet smell. He followed the trail of what seemed to be a minty sort of vanilla. He looks around as the smell gets stronger, then his eyes land on an unconscious wolf, floating down a river. What happens when this wolf ends up being his mate? Will Asha Maria really be out of harm's way in this pack? Will Lucas accept and care for his mate? Will Asha Maria found out more from her past then she could remember? Find out by reading Light To My Darkness~ A/N: (started 01-08-18) (ended XX-XX-XX) - ••**^^Asha Maria is her first name, she doesn't know her last name^^**•• -characters are original -cover made by demonic_emo_ariel (myself) -storyline made by demonic_emo_ariel (myself) -first werewolf novel I've written -AGE RESTRICTED MATERIAL -enjoy

Chapter 1 - Escape

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Light to...
by insomniac-weirdo