Evily Ever After (P...
By hayleecomet
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Every story of any type of "Pan X Reader" always end up with the reader turning Peter good, at least from what I've seen. I honestly don't really know. I've only read about eight stories. BUT WHO CARES AND I'M HERE TO CREATE A STORY WHERE BOTH THE READER AND PETER ARE EVIL AND RULE. I honestly don't care if people disagree, I will most likely make another story that's cliche (Soz, nothing bad with it. Cliche is good.) like all the others after this one. But who knows if I'm even going to pull through with this. Oh whale. Oh and by the way, this is for mature audiences. I'm incorporating... "scenes" if you know what I mean *winky winky* but I won't go into actual detail since there will most likely be children reading >:( Have fun! Don't tell my family and friends! I know this is going to attack me in the future but I luckily do not care :D

Hello to Nobody!

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Evily Eve...
by hayleecomet