The Second Vanilla...
By SleepyNinjaa
  • Teen Fiction
  • akashi
  • aomine
  • ayano
  • basket
  • basketball
  • basuke
  • blue
  • kagami
  • kise
  • kuroko
  • midorima
  • murasakibara
  • seirin
  • sister
  • tetsuya


( IF YOU WANT YOUR EYES TO BLEED, THEN YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. SERIOUSLY, I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 14, DONT PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THIS HELL. ITS LITERALLY A HUGE PIECE OF SHIT I SWEAR JUST DONT) [ 2nd place in AWA 2014 ] Ayano Kuroko, the twin sister of Tetsuya Kuroko. A girl that was never mentioned during Tetsuya's childhood. But why? It all started when her grandmother got sick. She was forced to go to America, so she could look after her sick grandmother. 6 years passed since Ayano last saw her brother, and many have changed. Tetsuya has joined the basketball team of Seirin High and Ayano hides secrets from all of them, from when she was back to America. What does America made to her and forced her to change? Is someone going to mend her broken pieces back again? ✿ First Book ✿ All Rights Reserved. 2014. Cover made by me; copyright policy.

0| Chapter of the past

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The Secon...
by SleepyNinjaa