Half A Heart //chan...
By Nit_S_unmyeong
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✴️HIGHEST RANKED #1 - Chanyeol X Reader ✴️ "Is it fate, how much he holds for me?" She thought while falling down, down the stars. "Was it destiny, to conclude me with half a heart ?" He thought thinking about the Christmas six years ago. ~ She became all of Chanyeol's business after she said her name is none of his business. He was in a gang in highschool. Who never loved but all of a sudden a girl became HIS ALL. ~ But what will happen when one of them will drift away. and one question... DID CHANYEOL KILLED HER? Will they ever meet somewhere ,somehow? [⚠ : The characters in the story are taken from real life people but any characters from the story doesn't reflect or effect the image of any person in real life.]

prologue :Fog (Chanyeol)

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Half A He...
by Nit_S_unmyeong