The Wrong Bride (Co...
By SibilaStella
  • Romance
  • beautiful
  • billionaire
  • dark
  • gentleman
  • handsome
  • innocent
  • love
  • passion
  • possessive
  • protective
  • romance
  • ruthless
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"I bet It must be a real treat to be your friend", he said with accusing eyes. "Don't make conclusions about me before knowing me" "I don't need to know you. Once you're my wife you won't be allowed to do anything that is even remotely out of line" **************** Eleanor is a sweet, carefree girl who loves her best friend Maria dearly. She would do anything for her. But when Maria made a rather strange request, Elly has no choice but to comply with her best friend's request. Meet Damianos Costas, the handsome billionaire who destroys anyone who cross him. But when the deceiver here is sweet little Elly would he be as harsh on her? Story full of drama. And a blooming love.

A Pair Of Black Eyes

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The Wrong...
by SibilaStella