Fang War
By Cole_James
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[2x Wattpad featured author!] Werewolves are enslaved by elite vampire clans in Seattle and one teenage runaway is caught in their ancient bloodbath. Only the strongest will survive in an underworld that profits millions from wolf fights in the ring. Brainwashed and newly engaged to a powerful vampire, Lila can't ignore the pull she has toward the werewolf, Adonis. A rogue wolf, who once saved her when she first arrived in the corrupt city. Now, both are captive, along with members of the native territory pack and they must do anything to stay sane and stay alive. 🌕 Excerpt: Hearing the growls and feeling the upturned dust on her face, Lila knows Fang has risen and is alive. With the thought, she smiles, knowing the fury from the Vasile's and surely, the end of her time with them wasn't all in vain. The guards are tossed, some ripped apart, in a split second. Fang's neck was covered in its own blood, the life source trails the ring wherever he went. The custom gown Lila wore is covered in dirt and the animal's blood, but she couldn't care less. Instead, she stared up at the scene in awe of the vengeance the animal takes on those who contributed to his suffering. After the wolf had killed every last security guard, it turned to her and slowly approached. It huffed, casting out blood, dirt, and slobber. The human girl prepared for the worst, closing her eyes as it got within reach. She waited for Fang to turn on her. When several moments passed and the creature only continued to stare down at her, she truly looked into the warm eyes of the wolf. It lowered itself to the ground warily, watching her with fading life.

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Fang War
by Cole_James