Glass - A Sherlock...
By daydreamtofiction
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[COMPLETE] Due to recently having my work stolen by another user, I now unfortunately have to include this disclaimer: These works are marked 'all rights reserved'. I do not give anyone permission to repost or redistribute these works on their own platform or anywhere else. If you wish to translate these works then please ask me first. Anyone who steals this story will be reported for copyright infringement. •• • Part 1 of the Glass series • Part of Wattpad's official fanfic reading list. A mystery brings Sherlock Holmes and Margaux Cave together in a way they never thought possible. When he dies, she is destroyed. But when he returns from the grave, Sherlock is confronted with something he never expected. "Do you know what I think?" she said. "Of course, I know what everyone thinks," Sherlock countered. "I think you've gone your entire life feeling nothing. I think feeling nothing has made you the brilliant mind that you are today. I think you felt nothing for so long that you assumed it was because you couldn't feel. But you can. You just don't want to. And I think you hate the fact that I make you feel something."

Chapter One

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Glass - A...
by daydreamtofiction