A Thorn In The Ice
By QueenOfGeeks
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"I fully expected you to say that I was the sort of Prince whose story would involve going into cahoots with the dragon, rather than slaying it." Iolas smiled, but their was a level of seriousness to his statement. "That is where you are wrong, dear prince." Adelaide began, "In our story you are the dragon." ______________ As villianous as he was handsome, dastardly Prince Iolas would have gotten away with his plan to marry Adelaide, a naive young princess, kill her King brother, and then take over the far away kingdom of Aelford; and indeed he would have, that is if it weren't for the meddling of one particular love sick stable boy. Caught like tiger in a net, he was banished back to his home island kingdom, and locked deep below his own castle dungeons to be forgotten by his father, siblings and kingdom. But when war breaks out in Aelford, and a call rings out accross the seas for aide, The King of the Isles offers his son one singular chance to redeem himself. Can this villain rescue the kingdom he once sought to conquer? Save the damsel in distress, and unwillingly his soul in the process, that is if she doesnt kill him first? Or will he keep to his own dark and insidious ways? __________________ (Formally A Thorn In The Ice) **From the Author Of "Bedding Camp" Wattpads #1 historical fiction for 7 months straight.


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A Thorn I...
by QueenOfGeeks