Color Me Blue {Klan...
By KlanceandPhan
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Hearts. The things the pump blood into your body and keep you alive. Love. A thing that can shatter and harm the heart both mentality and physically. A heart is a symbol of love. Why do you think teenagers carve the initials of themselves and their lover into a tree and put a heart around it? Well, a heart is also a symbol you are born with on your body. Everyone is born with the black outlining of a heart on their right wrist. When you meet your soulmate, your heart is filled with their favourite colour. Keith Kogane. A flower crown, Pastel wearing, 16 year old. Keith is the new kid in town. Being forced to go to high school and make friends by his older brother Shiro (Who is in love with Tattoos and runs a tattoo shop.) Although Keith says he hates everyone, deep down he really is just a pastel loving, squish. All he really wants is too find his soul mate. Lance McClain. A tattoo loving, piercing wearing, Punk, 16 year old. He has two older siblings and a twin sister, Lavender, Laurence, and Lanny. Laurence owns a Book Shop, Lavender runs a Flower Shoppe, and Lanny goes to school with him. So the four of them live in a pretty big apartment. He's one of the most popular kids in school. He's friends with all of the cliques, his friends are bullies, he's invited to all the parties, he's dating the hottest girl in school... What more could he want? All Lance could really ask for, is to find his soul mate. -------- (Punk Lance X Pastel Keith) {HighSchool/Soulmate/PastelPunk AU} (Most of this book will be in Lance's POV) -------- Highest Ranking: Started: 01/24/18 Finished: ------- Cover made by: @ryansayshi -------- Way too many musical references to be healthy.


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Color Me...
by KlanceandPhan