Unloved boy e.d.
By Indigo_Dolan
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Y'all gonna laugh y'all asses off , but it's also pretty cute 😄 Vista high's new popular girl Mary meets nerdy boy Ethan Dolan while he's getting bullied. He falls for her personality and everything she has to offer . He wants to get her attention so his brother Grayson the popular jock gives him a makeover. It only brings the wrong attention. He repeatedly hurts Mary and she sees that he was playing with her . She plays the game too and they end up falling really hard for each other . After he does something horrible and he goes mad trying to get her back. Does he get loved or does he stay unloved ? Ethan's pov "Does she know we bleed the same ." (EDITING)

1st day

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Unloved b...
by Indigo_Dolan