The Dark Side of Th...
By maximumluv2004
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[COMPLETED] "Princess - reality has never been your strong suit. LET ME GIVE YOU A HEALTHY DOSE." "Maybe you didn't lie... but you didn't tell the truth either. You weren't here. Not as a kid," Roman said. He paused, as if waiting for me to fill in the gap. When I stayed silent, he continued. "Where were you, Virge? Virgil?" SEQUEL TO WHY I RUN WHY I RUN SERIES BOOKS: - Why I Run {Prinxiety} - Book One of Why I Run Series - The Dark Side of the Imagination {Prinxiety} - Book Two of the Why I Run Series - Maybe One Day | Logicality - Companion to Why I Run Series - There's No Such Thing As Happy Endings - Book Three of the Why I Run Series Start Date: 01-02-2018 Final Date: 03-03-2018 I know that Thomas Sanders has a lot of younger viewers so I always keep that mind when writing. But... I want to include elements that are quite dark, heavier than anything Thomas and company ever SHOULD include in a Sanders Sides video. And since some viewers are younger, it's only fair to warn you whats ahead. There will be: Depression Nightmares Low-self-worth Anxiety attacks Panic attacks Seizures Blood Torture Death I will place trigger warnings at the beginning of each chapter, where the trigger begins/ends, and have a summary at the beginning of the following chapter. IF any of those topics are your triggers, please be careful if you decide to read <3

Chapter One

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The Dark...
by maximumluv2004