Julius Caesar
By lettingGolettingGod
  • General Fiction
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  • bromance
  • comedy
  • contemporary
  • crime
  • heartbreak
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Completed ✔ ... AWARDS: - Winner of the Readers Choice Awards 2018, Hidden Gems - Genre Winner (first place) of World Of Champions Awards - First Place in General Fiction in the Cosmic Awards 2020 ... SYNOPSIS: Julius Caesar works with his father for his dead mother's company, Gorj. He is a murderer because his father taught him that it was 'okay' to kill for Gorj. Some documents get stolen from them by a very famous lawyer, Ricardo. Instead of getting the documents, Julius kills him accidentally, and his father gets really angry because the documents hid a very important secret. Julius is forced to find Ricardo's daughter when his father harms him in the cruellest way possible. On the journey, in London, for revenge against his father, he'll meet a lot of people who'll develop his personality. He finds himself getting caught up in a lot of twists and turns. And drama- something he absolutely detests. It's a fun, heartbreaking and rough ride that'll give Julius a taste of humanity. And a broken heart for sure. ... SECOND DRAFT


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Julius Ca...
by lettingGolettingGod