Rogue Ops Rising
By S_A_Lusher
  • Horror
  • action
  • horror
  • monster
  • outerspace
  • sciencefiction
  • scifi


The ninth novel in The Shadow Wars. Part of the mystery surrounding Rogue Operations, the name given a top-secret faction of the Galactic Alliance gone renegade, has been peeled away. Thanks to the efforts of an unlikely band of mercenaries and soldiers, a crucial piece of the puzzle has been revealed: Rogue Ops is scouring the galaxy for a collection of ancient, alien artifacts. But for what purpose? What do they do? Where do they come from? What ultimate goal is Rogue Ops working towards? That question is about to be answered. A new pair of artifacts has just been discovered. Fundamentally different from the original collection of ancient devices, these artifacts act as data caches and hold the secret to unlocking the mystery of Rogue Ops and their machinations. Trent Stone and Drake Winters, career mercenaries and brothers-in-arms, are tasked with hunting down one of these artifacts. As soon as they show up to collect it, however, they are forced to engage in a desperate chase that will take them across the galaxy... Greg Bishop, Security-Investigations soldier turned Spec Ops warrior, and Enzo Rains, ex-Spec Ops badass turned mercenary and then back again, are, despite their differences, forced to work together and recover the other artifact. Unfortunately, they quickly become stranded on an island-based research colony after something goes wrong. If they want to complete their mission, they must fight their way through a terrifying new enemy...


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Rogue Ops...
by S_A_Lusher