Only With You
By pinkmilkmonster
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A life with Noh by his side, that's how Phun imagine his life would be. A clinic of his own, their very own restobar where Noh and his band could jam, a cozy house by the sea and waking up with each other every single breathing day...that's how life should be. But...fate came in with a different plan. And just like a thief in the night, it took his beloved Noh away. Left alone in this world, will love ever come again? Will heaven be kind enough to give a miracle to an abandoned soul? Will there be someone to save him? This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Its a bit angsty and may have a different vibe since the setting will be few years after. I don't expect you to like it since I'm writing this for my own happiness .but if ever you get to enjoy will be a big bonus for me. Lastly, i do not own the characters..Its from INDRYTIMES. I'm just a humble lovesick fan...Pictures/videos/music used are from Google..credits to the owners

Chapter 1: HOME (👌)

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Only With...
by pinkmilkmonster