the scars you left
By jessdances
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After she loses the ones closest to her heart, her best friends (who were conveniently brothers) were all she had left. She relied on them. She loved them. They were the only people who could make her happy. Soon she gains feelings for one of her "best friends" but like everyone says: "people with scars are not attractive" so all of us, every last one of us with old cuts, burns, bruises, stabs, we're all screwed. But maybe some of us can see past that. Maybe some of us can accept those scars, and maybe some of us are complete assholes. Either way, I'd suggest you read this book to find out;) (HOLY MOLY IM TERRIBLE AT DESCRIPTIONS BUT I STG THERE IS SUCH A GOOD PLOT OML)

page one

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the scars...
by jessdances