Mono no aware (Levi...
By Aya_Write2
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The outside world is filled with tree's, sun, the ocean and the fresh of air but for some they have never seen the sunrise of the day or even felt the wind on their bare skin. Only the breath air that is filled with death as people starve on the street some are lucky enough to escape that nightmare. Blonde hair blew through the wind like many of the leave on the tree and the slim figure stood on a giant wall looking out to the world she has yet to explore. "Aya" A voice called out as the slim figure turned her killing green eyes meeting silver as a small smile appeared on her face she she looked at his dark her that blew in the wind. "I'm coming Levi" She smiled walking away as the sun slowly began to settle before she slowly turned to meet another pair of green eyes as she soon fell into darkness.


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Mono no a...
by Aya_Write2