Unforgettable | Ste...
By xonceuponatimex
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Jenna Howard has lived a forgettable life in the quaint town of Hawkins, Indiana. Nothing was ever out of the ordinary, and she never wanted to change that. Her life was perfect. She got invited to any and every party, making her easily one of, if not the most popular girl in school. She never expected anything to change. She had never wanted it to change. But that all goes out the window the minute Will Byers goes missing one November night. Though she's unsure of how exactly she got roped into it, she teams up with an unlikely group of people to try and find the young boy, knowing that this wasn't your normal missing kid story. While searching for Will, secrets begin to come to the surface. The more they learn about the secrets of their home, the more Jenna realizes that her past has never been what it seemed, and danger was becoming more and more inevitable each day. But none of that will stop Jenna, because she refuses to be forgotten. She will be unforgettable. BOOK ONE OF THE JENNA HOWARD DUOLOGY [seasons 1 - 2] CONTENT WARNING: This book contains bullying, drinking, smoking, sexual themes, violence, and mentions of self-harm and abuse. cover made by @microwavedocoffee **All OCs and their storylines belong to me. Everything else belongs to Netflix and the Duffer Brothers.**


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by xonceuponatimex