Stronger Than Pain
By WeirderMum
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Highest Rank #61 Mum was struggling to breathe, her legs kicking hard as they shuffled on the floor. I pulled on dad's hands which gripped mum's neck but he was quick to nudge me with his shoulder, forcing me to stagger, hitting my head on the wall. Tiny white stars danced before my eyes as quick darkness closes in on me. Mum was gasping. Dad hasn't let go. I staggered up, my eyes clearing off a little as I rushed to dad. Glancing at mum, her pupils were dilating, the white part of her eyeballs slowly taking over completely. Dad's eyes were bloodshot with no emotions whatsoever registered in them. Mum's kicks were slowing down with her hand slowly losing grip. I screamed and bite into dad's hands, chewing as though I was hungry for meat. The metallic taste of blood trickled into my mouth but I didn't let go as I bit harder. All his efforts to push me away were in vain as I kept my gaze on mum, every slow kick she gave urging me to bite in more. Then dad let go. And mum's body slumped. Sprawling on the floor like a bunch of weak leaves. I let go off dad's hand and rushed to her. No pulse. No heartbeat. ****** This emotional fiction gives it's readers an opportunity to peek into the life of a pained woman and her struggles to survive when abandoned by a man she's ever loved. ****** African society has given men so much control over women. No matter what a woman accomplishes in life, once she's not under a man, she's seen as utter useless.... Religion, society and family have subconsciously compelled African women into accepting everything including domestic violence as long as the 'Mrs' title is retained. Many women have lost their lives through physical and emotional abuse. They stay put in abusive relationships cos most are afraid to bear the tag "divorcee", so they rather die than leave. Most African men are proud cheats, with the excuse that "men are polygamous in nature". Sadly, women are the most supporters of this false ideology.


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by WeirderMum