By The Ruins (Princ...
By prettycf
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Crown Princess Alexandra Darcy Beaumont is not an ordinary woman- as she was often told. Being the sole heir of the crown in a small yet rich country a few hundred nautical miles off of France and Spain called Syldonia, Princess Alexandra has had her own fair share of triumphs and embarrassments. However, being left in the altar by the love of her life had suddenly turned her world upside down. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is not your ordinary royal- as the world knows. Being the most eligible prince before he got married, Prince Harry has had his fair share of scandals. However, being in the middle of a separation and still in love with his wife, he felt like his life is in ruins and that he had no purpose. An invitation brought the two together. With their clashing personalities, the two seemed to never agree with anything. Yet as their arguments turned into understandings and their differences in beliefs turns into acceptance, the two found themselves turning to one another. With their pasts putting their present into ruins, will the two open up to each other?

House of Beaumont

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By The Ru...
by prettycf