Paris Knox and the...
By soundofmusic313
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Paris Knox likes to work alone. The universe doesn't want him to. When a visit with an old friend is interrupted- or, perhaps, improved, depending on your opinion- by a murder, the detective must figure out who's done it, and, more importantly, why exactly the man was killed, while trying to keep his newfound partner out of trouble. Sounds simple enough, but soon things take a sharp turn into the unexplained, and this case quickly becomes one of the most convoluted of Paris's career. ---------- Content Warnings: Rated mature only cause I cuss like a sailor in the author notes. Content wise, this is about a PG13. It will definitely have violence. It's not like, extremely gory, but still, have this warning. Descriptions of blood, wounds, and death. (There's a murder. That's the Plot.) Also! In chapter 3, there's a super duper brief mention of suicide in the context of 'this wasn't one, like it was for sure murder', but I'd still like to put the warning here.

Prelude in Script Format

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Paris Kno...
by soundofmusic313