Do you Remember? (A...
By FluffyMomentos
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Shu and Valt has been best friends since their childhood years, but they had to part ways. A few years later they meet again, but they don't remember each other. Shu and Valt has been very distant ever since. Valt made new friends, and Shu remained a loner. Until a beybattle brought them together. Feelings for Valt started devolping in Shu. But.. Free wants Shu for himself.. How will this play out? Will Free claim the heart of Shu Kurenai? Will Shu's heart remain with Valt? _____________________*fangirling so bad right now* Hello Beyblade lovers, I present to you, my first ever Shu X Valt beyblade burst Fanfiction!! *fangirls* sorry I can't help it X3. I didn't do this on my own though, A fellow beyblade Shu X Valt Shipper helped me out on this. Be sure to check her out! Thank you for clicking on this story!

How They Met

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Do you Re...
by FluffyMomentos