Conflicted Eyes, Co...
By Xmintflake
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"Listen, just because ... that ... happened last night doesn't mean we're friends now, a'right? And I don't expect you to go blabbing, yeah?" The blond tried to step back, but the realization that he was against the sink didn't make his intention follow through. He had no choice but to endure the limited space between them. Glancing up, he timidly met eyes with the person that towered over him, effortlessly. "I-I won't..." *** Falling for someone like Xander Love wasn't difficult. With celestial physical features, a friendly demeanor, equally attractive friends, wealth, and to top it off, the perfect family, Xander would no doubt make the perfect boyfriend, best friend and companion all in one. He was on top of his game. He was perfect-- Perfect. --at least, that's what it seemed like to everyone from afar. After a mortifying leak, Sage found himself on the end of an unfortunate, first-hand experience that Xander was neither as perfect nor nice as he made himself out to be. ━━━━❰・❉・❱━━━━ ©ReeseTory2018

Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelings

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by Xmintflake