Flawed || On Hold
By Sunmeee
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Shy, quiet and quirky Kelsey Connor has always been invisible to the only guy she has ever wanted to see her. Moving to college, she decides to attend the same school he does. A total Leo Matthews immersion to help her get over her life long crush on her brother's best friend but judging from his Instagram posts which she mostly definitely does not stalk or drool over, that's going to be a lot harder than she thought. One look at him is enough to make her resolve fly out the window. Even the knowledge that he's only going break her heart isn't enough to scare her away. That is until charming and dashing computer nerd who also happens to be the heir to the biggest technological firm in town comes in to sweep her off her feet. He is everything she wished Leo was. Kind. Attentive. Caring. Nice. Noble. Now he has her wondering; does the person matter more than the character? Daniel is everything she's ever wanted. Maybe it's time to let Leo go. But Leo isn't ready to let her go. Not ever. **Sequel to Must Haunt The Playboy but can be read as a stand alone** **I'm not really great at intros but you can look inside for a different blurb.** Cover by @Chokodrops

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Flawed ||...
by Sunmeee