A "Forget-Me-N...
  • Teen Fiction
  • amnesia
  • cliche
  • depression
  • help
  • love
  • romance
  • selfharm
  • sequel
  • suicide


A 'Forget-Me-Not' Flower For An Amnesiac ~~~ Sequel to: I Can't Believe I Love The Depressed Girl ~~~ Krystina Hammons, finally awake after being admitted into the hospital for taking a fall for her suicidal friend Aubrey Masters, finds out she doesn't know who she is or how she ended up in the hospital. When her friend Aubrey, her boyfriend Hayden Reed, her mom Nina Masters and her brother Aiden Masters. Aiden loves Krystina and Krystina loves him, but she's forgotten. Krystina is diagnosed with severe Amnesia, she's forgotten her rough past of self harm, suicidal tendencies, and even the death of her beloved little brother Brody. Being in the hospital for attempted suicide as the doctors think, Krystina is admitted into the Psych Ward to assure she won't attempt suicide. Aiden is determined to make Krystina love him, even if that includes sneaking into the Psych Ward just to see her. Hayden made a deal to an old friend of Aubrey's, dump Aubrey or tell her of his past. Hayden doesn't want to do either, especially after confessing his love to her. Nina also has some problems to deal with now that Krystina's parents no longer want custody of her. Krystina is in no condition to take care of herself. Will Krystina's memory come back? Can Aiden make everything work out between them? What will Hayden decide to do? And can Nina handle taking custody of Aiden's amnesiac lover? ~~~~~Final book: "The Shot To My Heart"~~~~~ http://my.w.tt/UiNb/LiCGY4VfuE

Chapter 1

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A "F...