Until the Final I Do
By AutumnSewell_
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Spencer King has it all. He runs a multi-million dollar company, he's good looking, and he even has the most beautiful view of New York City. The problem is he has no one to share it with and is looking for the love of his life. He had her. He had her in his arms and then suddenly left her. Now he has an invitation to her wedding. Brooklyn West is getting married soon. She is settling down and not looking back, but when Spencer comes back to town old feelings ignite. Now she has a choice to make. Spencer won't make it easy. He will fight for her until the final I do. *** There was a baby pink card with hints of glitter here and there. Two rings connected also decorated the front cover. To my eyes, it seems someone is getting married and I wondered who. I didn't have any family and friends that are getting hitched. Well, that I knew of. I finally took the card out of the protection and threw the envelope away. I opened it and read. "You're invited to the union of Liam Hayes and Brooklyn West. Save the date: July twenty-fourth." My heart sunk after reading the neat calligraphy letters her name was in. -CHAPTER ONE Until the Final I Do. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Until the Final I Do

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Until the...
by AutumnSewell_