A Lonely Soul
By SamanthaHeart9
  • Short Story
  • action
  • bxb
  • curse
  • denial
  • drama
  • mountain-setting
  • romance
  • short-story
  • some-humor
  • supportingml
  • violence


Trapped and forced to live for an eternity on the mountain, Sun can only look down at the town below with a heart that yearns for the warmth of another person. However, he cannot escape the mountain. So, he tries to make the villagers happiness his own by seeing their happy smiles from the window of an abandoned mansion. Yet, in his painful solitude, he still finds himself slowly crumbling from the silence and the loneliness despite his best efforts to distract himself from it. However, one fateful stormy night brings a wandering swordsman to the top of the mountain and face to face with the lonely Sun. Now trapped, the two must contend with each other daily. But when multiple incidents leave Sun and the Swordsmen bare to each other conflicting feelings arise. However, more than just a battle of emotions is underway. Can Sun and Li come to terms with each other before it's too late?


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A Lonely...
by SamanthaHeart9