Falling for the Alp...
By TinkLeonhardt
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Dalia Oak believed she was not a 'real' wolf. Considered to be a rogue, she thought her life would never be complete... until she found her Alpha-mate, Locke. "Listen crazy, I don't know who you are but Taya is my friend and asked me to come to her birthday. I'm just trying to get home." I mumbled my plea so fast, hoping he had caught every word and I would be allowed to leave. "You are home." The strikingly handsome man with pitch black eyes with the gold ring, looked at me in solid confusion. It was only now I began to notice, just how beautiful he truly was. His muscles rippled as he moved, every inch taut and bold, every defined line stood out, without an inch of fat. He had been carved in Hercules honour, from the tip of his thick black hair, perfectly tanned colouring upon his bulging physique, all the way to his gigantic long - oh my god, he's naked. I quickly spun around as my eyes closed. "Where the hell are your clothes?" Secretly, I wasn't mad, but I attempted to sound it. One glance of his magnificent penis had my core instantly on fire, blazing with the need to be stroked - completely moist, willing and ready. "From the tantalising scent between your legs, I'd say you didn't mind the view." Damn, I had forgotten about the sensitive wolf smell, and my body had just betrayed me. *** This is my fantasy. If you have read other werewolf stories you will notice similarities and differences. Please understand that we all have our own version of the way supernatural life is. This is a MATURE (18+) book ***

Chapter 1- The Rogue

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Falling f...
by TinkLeonhardt