Tour Photographer...
By Lara-Fina
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[some chapters are really short so don't worry about the length of the book] A dream of Alyssa came true, but it wasn't as easy as you might think. The collaboration with the famous singer Shawn Mendes was no problem for the hobby photographer, but there was much more to it. The attractive, handsome singer kept an eye on the talented, beautiful photographer. A game between passion and love. sequel : back to love --- All email addresses, usernames, images and tweets are not "real". I creted the usernames in my head and they are probably real. I downloaded the pictures from Pinterest and they DON'T belong to me!!! All other rights are reserved --- best ranking: #o18 in socialmedia #o26 in shawnmendes #o29 in relationship #114 in friendship #130 in lovestory

- ยป prologue

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Tour Phot...
by Lara-Fina